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Springtime for Gym-time Trends

As you already know, fitness fashion can easily take you from studio to street...and these days fitness fashion totally chases what’s on the runways making it easier to seamlessly rock your workout look multiple ways. Last year we saw a lot of peplum. The designers for AEO Performance from American Eagle Outfitters took this ladylike style and used moisture-wicking material to make it perfect for workout and hangout. Pictured below is the AEO Performance Peplum T-Shirt:

This spring, fitness fashion is echoing some of the hottest trends and translating them into workout looks that will inspire you to make the gym your catwalk.

Here are 5 Springtime Fitness Fashion Trends for all you fearless groundhogs out there!


CT's are making a major comeback this spring and summer. They started cropping up last summer but now you are going to see this midriff showing style everywhere...even at the gym. Under Armour is really doing an awesome job making this...

Want to Work for a Fitness Fashion Retailer? Find Out What It's Like!

- This is a guest post by Pam Wilson -

When you look good, you feel good. And nothing is more true when working-out. Big, baggy clothes do little to nothing for your self-esteem especially when looking in a mirror in a group fitness class. You want to look sleek, fit and pulled together. And that's what high-quality exercise wear does for you in the correct size.

Since beginning work at the Athleta Store in St. Louis’ Frontenac Plaza in May, I’ve had the opportunity to work with hundreds of women. Simply by listening and asking questions, we often can figure out what someone is looking for. Because we see so many women with as many shapes and sizes, we gradually know what fits each shape and size. At Athleta, we have yoga pants for EVERY SIZE and EVERY WOMAN who wants to wear them.

As part of our training, we continually utilize "fit sessions" to help us understand clothing fit and comfort. I admit, part of the fun of working at Athleta are the fit sessions. We...

You'll Never Guess What's Inside This Box from Me and Quarterly Co!

That's because I'm going to tell you. I'm thrilled to announce that my Style Up 2 Shape Up subscription-style boxes with Quarterly Co are officially in the works and getting ready to be mailed out. Wanna know what's in it for YOU? And how to GET ONE? Keep reading!


It's always been my dream since I first created MizzFIT to give you a TANGIBLE "fitness fashion" experience beyond the words on this blog. I'm still not at the point yet in my career, though, to launch a product line, but I hope to in the very near "prosperous" future. When Quarterly Co. (like angels from heaven) called me up to team up, they totally solved this dilemma for me and I was like HELLS YEAAAAAAH! Because this was my opportunity to give you what I've been dreaming of putting together for so long! So, many thanks to Quarterly and my buddy Aron over there, for believing in me and the concept of Fitness Fashion & Trends enough to give me MY OWN BOX! CHECK OUT THE BOX RIGHT...

How to Dress Sporty-Chic for Chilly, Fall Weather


Summer is gone. Deal with it.

My therapy is fitness fashion and Autumn is one of the best times to get sporty-chic! To achieve a sporty-chic look all you have to do is incorporate stylish, athletic pieces into your non-fitness wardrobe. I know…it sounds crazy to mix your gym clothes (which at some point have gotten sweaty) with your street wear but that’s part of the fun and THE ADVENTURE OF IT ALL! (Just do your laundry and you're good)

I think Fall is the perfect time to roll out your sporty-chic style because most high quality sportswear is designed with moisture wicking fabric, which is optimal for climate changes. The pieces I’m going to show you from adidas are made with Climawarm technology that keeps you both warm and dry as temperatures drop and you work up a sweat.

Here are 3 ways to achieve a sporty-chic look for Fall:

1. Pair a fun or loud graphic “statement” tee with a textured jacket or blazer.

I love my Run Wild tee from...

It's Fall. And Of Course, I'm Falling For...


Summer's closing shop. Dangit! But Fall ain't so bad. From fitness to epiphanies on random stuff in my life, here's my short list of what I'm "falling for" this Fall season. It's not your average list so I sincerely hope something on it will help carry your health goals far.



1. Yoga...'cause it's gonna save the world.

I'm not even kidding. It's what my next article is about. The suspense! I've been doing yoga for 10 years and, yes, it's taken me that long to realize it's the ONLY workout that re-aligns me and makes me smarter and better at navigating my non-fitness life. You should really try it. Or you can wait to read more about it when I post next. But the main reason I'm falling for it after 10 years strong is because it's an amazing mind-body workout that I like to think of as therapy. I can't afford a real therapist anymore. Sessions can cost $300 plus a pop! Yoga will cost you $20.

I'm wearing adidas...

Pickup Your Routine By Embracing YOLO! 5 Tips To Boost Your Healthy Lifestyle.


You only live once (YOLO). It's a powerful concept that can make you do some pretty crazy things (brace yourself), like be more spontaneous, adventurous and fulfilled. I needed a little YOLO in my life, in terms of fitness, romance and learning a new thing or 2. How about you? When's the last time you put yourself outside your comfort zone? Here's how I did it, with some fitness fashion thrown in...



The Dodge Ram you see below (in desperate need of a car wash) lives in Saint Louis, Missouri with my family. I happen to be visiting there right now. This truck used to drive me crazy. It's way too big for me. Drives like a boat. It's definitely NOT my style. And it makes backing out of a parking spot in just about any parking lot nearly impossible. But what the heck, YOLO!!!

When I pull up to a yoga studio or when my Saint Louis friends see me driving by, the reaction is fantastic. I'm not-a-big-person driving a...


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