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Springblade Sneakers, Target Underwear, and How I Lost 20 Pounds and Kept It Off!


This is surely a random post but sometimes "random" makes for the best kind of interesting.

I've got so much to say this week on many topics so I'm just throwin' it all into 1 big pot. But the highlight of what I've got to say has to do with a new shoe that is propelling my runs and reminding me of how good it feels to fly again. Are you "flying" through your workouts? If not, it's about time you did. Maybe what I have to say will help???


I got Springblades from adidas to test out.

I fell in love at first sight...something I've been doing a lot of lately. Is it in the air or something? But I digress, so here we go: I fell in love with the Springblade sneaker in Portland, Oregon when adidas invited me up. OMG! Oscar Pistorius feet, I thought to myself! I wanna be a blade runner when I grow up. And now I am, in the pinkest way possible.

Luckily you can live the dream too because the shoes officially became available for sale today! They're...

Are You a Triathlete or Cycling Fashionista? Get the Scoop on MooMotion Tri-Wear!

- This is a guest post by Michelle Thomas -

Hi! I'm Michelle Thomas, mother of a 13 year old energetic son, Tennyson, and partner at Origin Agency.

15 years ago, I lost 30+ lbs. Now at 43 I'm in the best shape of my life! I'm active every day. I bike 6 miles to and from work, rock climb and practice yoga. I race cyclocross in the fall, and do sprint triathlons throughout the year.

MizzFIT, who is my friend and workout buddy, was an incredible inspiration to me and encouraged me to run the New York Half Marathon last May. Fashion is also one of my passions, so I was super excited when MizzFIT asked me to review MooMotion's tri apparel and give my honest opinion. As a designer, I'm really impressed by the unique details in the design and high quality fabrics that are necessary in my multi-sport world.

I was thrilled with how the MooMotion pieces looked on me, and the way they emphasize my (minimal) curves. Even lean girls want curves!!! The Stamina...

Who Wants To Be A Bikini-onaire? This Is Your Chance To Get Rich With Sporty Swimwear!

That's right, summer's officially here! Where's Your Bikini?

International Surf Day happened this week and Summer 2013 is full of amazing fitness-inspired, outdoor events that I know you're going to hit up! and Roxy Swimwear want to make sure you're outfitted in style. Otherwise I wouldn't be doing my job. So help a sista out by entering this giveaway RIGHT HERE for the chance to win a 1-year supply of Roxy swim gear!*

You have from now until Friday, July 26th to enter and if you win you'll be the proud owner of 24 Roxy swim pieces. I'm not gonna lie, I'm already jealous. I think you should hook me up with at least 1 piece if you win. Just sayin'.

Become A Bikini-onaire - Enter the Roxy Giveaway HERE!

And don't stop girl, you best not. Because I've got more!


I have a $100 gift card to give away to 1 lucky MizzFIT reader.

This is a separate giveaway from the one above. To win it, here's what you've gotta do:

1. Leave...

What Celebrities Wear to Stay Fit. Like Heidi Klum, Vanessa Hudgens, Madonna, Jessica Biel and More!



We see celebrities in their gorgeous gowns on the Red Carpet all the time, but what we don't see enough of is what they're wearing to work out! There's spectacular fashion happening on the celebrity fitness scene and YOU can get your hands on it too.

That's where I come in!!!

Watch the video from my latest TV appearance (up above) and then keep scrolling to learn more about the celebrity fitness fashion featured.

Heidi Likes It Loose

Heidi Klum always looks great. I mean, she's a model...but to her credit, she really does workout. And surprisingly when it comes to her sportswear, she prefers a looser look. Her line with New Balance called Heidi Klum, totally reflects her personal workout style.

Heidi loves to layer her tops and generally prefers a more flow-y, casual fit look. The Heidi Klum Tunic T-Shirt ($39) sold at Lady Foot Locker is a great choice (and one of Heidi's favorites) because it doesn't fit too tight, it's long and...

The Marathon That Never Happened in NYC

Mayor Bloomberg caved and canceled the ING NYC Marathon. I won't lie, I was upset. After being evacuated and homeless for over a week because of Hurricane Sandy's hit, the marathon was the 1 thing I looked forward to.

That's me and my boyfriend on the Metro North Train escaping Manhattan to find a warm and safe place to stay.

But sometimes you have to accept the things you cannot change in order to summon the courage to change the things you can. My story begins with the outfit I did not get to wear for the marathon that never happened.

I had planned on dressing colorfully in Lorna Jane running apparel. I tested every piece of apparel during practice runs to make sure I'd be comfortable and temperature appropriate. What you don't see is the Vaseline I had planned on lube-ing my feet with, the Swiftwick Pulse Zero socks that I swear by even though they're pricey, and the ibungee speed laces (30") that I will now never run without. Oddly, I discovered that...


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