How 2 Keep Your Fitness Gear Safe From Thieves


I love everything about Wordlock except the boring cable colors on the bike locks. I'm mostly concerned about the locking system but some neon or metallic couldn't hurt.

A word is so much easier to remember than a number, and more fun to keep changing around! Keep things interesting in the gym locker room by constantly updating your 4 or 5 letter password. You never know who's after your Lululemon gear!

Wordlock comes in a SPANISH language lock too!

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What word combination would you pick if your first choice (POOP) hadn't been exposed to the world?


Kangoo Jump Like The Kardashians



As if you really need 33 reasons to strap these babies on. Kangoo Jumps are HOT...and you probably didn't even know it. They are popular everywhere...well, everywhere except for here in the U.S. But now that the Kardashian sisters are bouncing around in them perhaps we'll see this European fitness trend take off. When I first read about Kangoo Jumps, I thought Oh no, rollerblades 2.0!! But thank god, that's not the case. Kangoos are low impact, rebound sport shoes originally developed in Switzerland for joggers and now designed for all ages and fitness levels. They're supposed to be safe on your joints and versatile for exercise. They're currently used for power walking, cross-country jogging & running, group fitness, athletic training, rehabilitation & injury prevention, dance and children's recreation. Kangoos are a laugh-out-loud crowd pleaser. Everyone likes to bounce, right? So why haven't they hit it big in the U.S.?

Here's the problem:...

Valeo wins for best medicine ball design! Medicine balls usually makes me cringe but these come in b

Valeo wins for best medicine ball design! Medicine balls usually makes me cringe but these come in bright colors and a range of sizes/weight. They are a great addition to your modern gym or your teeny tiny studio apartment.

click on the image above to go directly to Valeo’s medicine ball page


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