And The Best Fitness of 2011 Awards Go To...


There are no rules or forms to fill out. I make up my own award categories based on what I think will enhance your fitness lifestyle. For me, 2011 was all about being your fitness guinea pig because if you don't already know this (which you should), is all about YOU! There were so many great trends this year, but only a few took home a MizzFIT trophy. Let's get on with the awards ceremony.



The Best Gym Bag is...

The Pleated Pocket Gym Bag in Black Sparkle by Ogorgeous - $154.00

It's the most luxurious gym bag I've ever owned because there's a pocket and secure comparment for everything imaginable (yes, even the hottie-at-the-gym's phone number). There's also a drawstring bag for stashing your stinky workout clothes, towels or sneaks. It's so badass I've been using it as a purse. If you're into an edgy black leather look, this bag exudes it. Plus, it won't clash with anyting you wear and it's...

Winter Sport Gear is in Full Bloom for Holidays


It's not quite spring but the latest trend in winter sport and fitness gear is floral prints and spring-time hues. Say happy holidays to your favorite fitness enthusiast with flowers that won't die and don't have thorns. Since we can't stop to smell the roses during cold winter months, by all means, let's dress up in them and just keep moving!

Movado BOLD watch by award-winning fashion designer Chris Benz

Spy Bias Goggle - Flower Power

Burton Women's Social Snowboard

Does wearing floral prints in the winter seem strange to you or would you rock this trend?

Speak your mind in the comments section below. Thx!



Power Balance Goes Off-Kilter and Bankrupt!!!



Looks like Power Balance might not be championing what its main product is famous for (B.A.L.A.N.C.E) because they've recently filed for bankruptcy. Word on the street is that Power Balance owes Kobe Bryant $400,000 for endorsing their wristbands. And he's not the only athlete that won't be seeing a payday. Power Balance has some nerve! Or, is it our own fault for falling for a scam that made this company millions?



Or you might wear one yourself. If you do, don't be angry with me. I'm not making this stuff up! If you live under a rock, Power Balance is a company famous for its hologram-embedded sports wristbands that allegedly use holographic technology to increase athletic and fitness performance when worn. There was never any scientific evidence to prove it, but it didn't seem to matter because the silicon bracelets became a cult favorite phenomenon at $30 a pop. Everyone seemed to have...

I Hope You Didn't Buy Reebok's EasyTone Or RunTone Shoes Because I've Got Bad News


I'm sorry to have to tell you that they don't work. Especially in all the amazing ways that Reebok's catchy ads told you they would. I hate when stuff like this happens. It's like the time I bought Sea Monkeys only to discover that the cute little creatures advertised were, in fact, just pellets that expanded into dead worms in water. Shame on you, Reebok, for tricking people into buying Sea Monkey shoes! If you've been duped or just like a good story, the video below elaborates on Reebok's latest drama and how they're making it up to people who bought their shoes.



Even though Reebok stands behind their toning shoes and success rate numbers, the FTC is making sure everyone knows that Reebok's claims don't hold up to research findings. An FTC consumer protection director named David Vladeck delivered the following statement to reporters:

The consumers expected to get a workout. Not to get worked over. (ABC News source)


MizzFIT Shows Kathie Lee & Hoda How To Style Up To Shape Up for Spring (+ Giveaway)



It's been over a week since my debut on the Today Show and I still need someone to pinch me. What an incredible experience--from the minute we entered wardrobe leading up to the live segment! I even got my hair did and make-up done by the Today Show beauty team. Okay, I know my face looks shiny in the vid but I think that's the work of my 3-day Elixir Juice Cleanse which I'll write about soon. Going into NBC Studios, I knew the fitness fashion was going to rock but seeing it all come together behind the scenes with guest Kim Cattrall fawning over my models, was a major high point for me. That's why I'm going to re-live it by telling you more about each of the 4 looks including the outfit I wore. Be sure to enter the BEST GIVEAWAY IN MIZZFIT HISTORY at the end of this post.



I'm seeing an EDGY trend and a FLIRTY trend happening in all kinds...

Add Resistance To Your Workout & Wardrobe. Enter My Irresistible Giveaway!



Resistance training that uses elastic tension for muscle contraction will tone your body inside and out. Internally, it strengthens your heart and improves blood flow to your brain. Research studies at the Brain Research Center at the University of British Columbia have linked resistance training to the creation of new brain cells, which means adding resistance to your workout can make you smarter! On the outside, resistance training will make your body lean and muscular without the bulk. Now that you know what it does, let's talk about how you can get started.



My favorite kind of resistance training is performed with elastic bands or rubber tubing which vary in style and tension strength. I like them because they're a nice break from dumbbells which can easily bulk you up. Bands and tubing create an elastic force that your muscles work against to push, pull, squeeze, stretch or bend. It's an entirely...


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