Best "Off The Beaten Path" Fitness Finds in NYC


Where are my favorite places to workout and where do I shop for stylish fitness gear in NYC?


I get asked this question a lot by New York visitors and locals. From my experience, most out-of-towners like to check out the popular spots that have been written up or featured on tv. But what about all the great places that maintain a low profile--the fitness gems of NYC? You've got to know about these spots because there's a good chance you'll like them 5x more! Here are my favorites...


MizzFIT's TOP 5 Off The Beaten Path Fitness Finds in New York City

1. Sixth Street Pilates studio - 525 East 6th Street NYC, 212-677-5545

This pilates studio is an East Village neighborhood goodie. It's small, cozy and impossible not to get plenty of attention here. Classes here can be a bit unconventional for Pilates without feeling so far removed that you're intimidated. Definitely try the Burn, Baby, Burn! class. Co-owners Anula Maiberg...

How To Assemble a Swim Gym Bag Whether You're Going to the Beach Or About to Set Sail



Anything Can Inspire You...Even A Gray Day

A few days ago, I joined Glam Media and a bunch of fashion bloggers on a yacht called the Atlantica for a Summer Sail on the Hudson River. Outside it was overcast, gray and dreary. These pictures look great but they're Instagram'd for your viewing pleasure.

Even Lady Liberty seemed to be in a state of gloom. And trust me, Instagram is doing her more than justice.

BUT...inside the Atlantica it was a summer soiree! My fashionista cohorts were decked in bright, summer-y outfits and accessories. Even the Atlantica's luncheon room was sunlit, floral and cheery. You'd never guess what kind of day it was outside from the picture below!

And yes, those are gift bags full of beauty and skincare products hanging from our chairs! Kind of amazing. I used some of the products from the Glam gift bag to build the "swim gym bag" you're seconds away from reading all about. But first,...

JLo Lurves Herself Some Under Armour


JLO + Under Armour = A Hit/Fit Music Video

The triple threat diva (yes, that's what they used to call her from her Jenny from the Block days) talks about why she chose to wear Under Armour for her latest music video "Follow The Leader". But all I keep thinking about is how good she looks and how hard she must work for it. She certainly STILL IS Jenny from the block and Under Armour has never looked sexier than it does on her. Love that they teamed up!

Browse the Under Armour Collection HERE

Enter UA's What's Beautiful competition to redefine the female athlete HERE

Leave a comment below if you've got something to say about JLo.

Love her? Hate her? Speak your mind!


RumbaTime's Go Watch Works Like A Credit Card. Pay On The Run!


I'm crushing on RumbaTime's Go Watches that let you charge a cab ride (and whatever else your sporty heart desires) with a flick of your wrist. In New York City, where people cab it to Central Park to run 6 miles, this kind of workout accessory is CRUCIAL. So I'm totally loving the functionality of Go, which lets you work out wallet free!

I'll anxiously await for Go styles to evolve as I think there's room for much more creativity in terms of design...but I'm 100% sure RumbaTime will make that happen. The watches cost $35 on their own. For the Go service (contactless payment card), you can either pay $14.95 for 1 year or $19.95 for 2 years.

Instead of reaching for "plastic" opt for sweat resistant silicone! Check out the current RumbaTime Go collection below. Just click on the watches to shop the collection.

CLICK HERE to register for the Go service once you have your watch.


Color Your Fitness & Beauty Routine Tangerine


The color TANGERINE is 'in" for Spring but will you rock it?

Shades of orange initially seem challenging because they're bright and sort of Halloween-y. But just go with it without going in too deep. Allow yourself to experiment with a bright tangerine colored sneaker like the one pictured above from Nike.

Paint those manicured toes a nice shade of "A Roll in the Hague". Now don't be scared, it's actually a flesh-tone color which means it will compliment light to dark skin. I'm rocking it right now on both hands and feet and couldn't be happier with how it looks (and I'm really picky when it comes to nail color).

And for all of you who don a bit of make-up for your workout dates (with yourself, duh), Nars has some really nice tangerine-y colors that go on smooth (meaning no clown effect). Just a bit of color lightly brushed over cheeks and lips will give you a healthy vibrant look. The same colors will work for your more formal outings too. Just build up the...

Fitness Gadgets that Track Your Moves to Help You Lose Lbs. Which Ones Make the Style Cut?

       - Writing and research by Asst. Editor Tess Nelson -

Will I fit into my skinny jeans tomorrow without yanking and squeezing?  How many calories did I burn running errands, commuting to work, having sex? We’ve all wondered. The fitness and technology industries have aimed to answer these questions by producing several measurement gizmos and gadgets. These fit devices measure your activity from steps taken to calories burned and all claim to be the missing link to your weight loss goals. So which activity measurement is the most rewarding, simple, and affordable? I clear up all the numbers, graphs and myths of these nifty tools so you can monitor your health and wellness with ease and style.



S2H Step (Switch2Health) Pedometer ( - $24.95

For fitness junkies, the pedometer is a classic. It simply counts your steps to give you an idea of your overall activity for the day. If you are automatically...


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