The Crème de la Crème of Treadmills Has Arrived

- This is a guest post by Nicole Bonilla -

What happens when an iPad flirts with a treadmill and one thing leads to another? Thanks to Technogym, we have the answer.

Meet Run Personal, one of the latest releases from the world leader in designer fitness equipment (aka Technogym). With a 19” touch-screen display, internet access, and a sleek design that would make any modern interior designer drool, the Run Personal is one of the most hi-tech, beautiful… and most expensive treadmills on the market. With a price tag of $8,995, it's not for the faint-of-wallet. Let's examine why you may be in the market for one and why it's so pricey...

In short, this treadmill is absolutely perfect for people who multitask for a living (and really, who doesn’t?). Maybe you’re the type to constantly check your email. Maybe you love browsing online and your boss won’t let you do it at work. Or maybe you just don’t want to leave your Facebook friends waiting. No worries. The Run...

5 Reasons Why A Roller Girl Is A Fit Girl

- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


This weekend, I went roller skating as part of a “girls night” with some friends. We giggled as we got dressed in multi-colored tights and gold hotpants, and outright belly-laughed as we each took turns hitting the floor in glorious, flailing spills. But as we all exchanged text messages the next day about various sore body parts, it became clear—roller skating is a WORKOUT!  And that’s why, below, I give you 5 reasons for why a roller girl is a fit girl.

1. Roller girls have great gams

Between constantly pushing off the ground and lifting up that several-pound skate over and over, you're in for some serious quad-fatigue. Since you’ll be carving out strong stems, show 'em off in fun, dual-colored tights like these from American Apparel.

2. Roller girls get a sculpted booty

Here’s where some talent could come in handy for symmetrical toning: since I can only (barely) skate forwards, I got a...

Cool Fitness Thingamajigs And How They Might Change Your Life, Or Not


- This is a guest post by Erica Chapman -


And now…for a fitness Bag-O-Tricks! 

Sure, if you really wanted to get toned, you’d develop a regular jogging routine accompanied by some time with the weight machines, and maybe toss in a little yoga for good measure. But what if you're dying for a quick fix? Are any of those gadgets out there that claim to make your abs and glutes glisten like Jessica Biel's really worth the cash...or the hassle?

Well…I can’t exactly answer that, having tried none of these toys myself. But what I have done is hours of internet research! I’ve looked at pictures, read reviews, and closed my eyes to visualize BOING-ing and Fitness-Disc-ing. OK, maybe not that last one.

Here’s one woman’s take on a crop of newfangled thingamajiggies claiming to speed your body towards goddess-dom. Experiment at your own risk!



I suppose it can’t really be called a craze when...

2 Fitness Products That Will Make Your Workout Less Grueling And Annoying



When a kettlebell smacks against your arm it really (expletive) hurts and makes you want to hurl it across the (expletive) room.


The first and only ergonomically shaped kettlebell called The Bob Harper Contour Kettlebell from GoFit. The Contour Kettlebell has a sculpted shape that curves inward on both sides to rest comfortably on your wrist and forearm during repetitions. It's designed to reduce strain, allow for smoother motion and enhance performance.


Bob Harper is a big name in fitness as the co-host of NBC’s The Biggest Loser and trainer to Gwyneth Paltrow and Ben Stiller. He's a longtime user of kettlebells.


Between $24.99-$99.99 depending on what size (7 to 45 pounds) or assortment you get. Find them at Target, Sport Chalet, Best Buy and this October 2010.


Kettlebell training can do wonders for your...

Toning Shoes Don't Work!


The Toning Shoe Let Down

If you own a pair of Skechers Shape-Ups, MBT's or Reebok EasyTones, I'm sorry to break the news to you BUT they're a sham. The American Council on Exercise (ACE) conducted a study on their effectiveness and found that toning shoes don't really do what they claim to do. Toning Shoes have led wearers to believe they will help them exercise more intensely, burn more calories or improve muscle strength and tone in the glutes, calves, and hamstrings. But according to the ACE study, this isn't true at all.

All three toning shoes tested [in the ACE research study] showed no statistically significant increases in either exercise response or muscle activation during the treadmill trials, when compared to the normal athletic shoes tested. There was simply no evidence to indicate that the toning shoes offer any enhanced fitness benefits over traditional sneakers. (source)

There's No Such Thing As A Magic Shoe

I know, I wanted to...

Your new workout bud: ASYM by Skullcandy


I heart ASYM ear buds because...

They feel good. When I popped ASYM ear buds (in catfight hot pink) into my ears, I experienced superior comfort right away. These buds are shaped for asymmetric ears (don't pout, no one's ears are perfect). Instead of the awkward ear clip which always rubs me the wrong way (literally), ASYM's ear phone cable runs over the top of your ear in a non-intrusive, fashionably smart way.

They sound good. I selected a mix by dj/producer Lauren Flax and slipped into a world of intense sound. It felt like I had headphones on, not ear buds! I even removed them to see if they were emitting sound because the sound was so unbelievably powerful for a bud. They weren't. Which means no one has to know what you're sweating to. It's OK, we all have embarassing music that gets us going.

They price is good. At $39.95, these non-invasive ear buds are fitness-friendly and will make your workout mix jump. Not bad at all as long as you steer...


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