Fashion Gets Tech-y During NYFW

TechStyleNYC is a series of Fashion Week showcases happening in New York and LA. I've been to a few of their events, but this year's New York Fashion Week 2015 showcase was one of my favorites.

I brought my selfie stick. I have officially caved :(  If you can't beat 'em, join 'em? Anyway... As a fitness trend expert, I never limit myself to just fitness events because EVERYTHING is fusing together these days. Fashion is going sporty on NYFW catwalks and tech is catering more than ever to wellness conscious users. We've entered an era where fitness and health are always in fashion and on trend. That being said, I was pretty excited to see which brands would be making their debut at TechStyleNYC!

Thync is the 1st product that captured my curiosity. It's touted as the first wearable piece of technology that can change the way you feel. Within minutes, this StarTrek-esque head piece shoots calming or energy vibes through your temples, helping you wind down or motivate for what's in your immediate future.

The vibes are proprietary, neurosignaling waveforms created over years of research, development and testing by Thync neuroscientists and engineers. I still don't fully understand it but everyone at the event who had one on seemed to be in their own little zen while handling the chaos of the event totally in stride. So, yes, I think I need one. I'm already a high energy person but I could use a little help winding down, especially when my anxiety is at it's worst. Like on airplanes, when I'm approaching a deadline on a project, or when Aunt Flow pays a visit. Sign me up, please!

Peach is the new way to shop for intimates without stepping into a department store. I like this concept considering I hate dressing rooms when it comes to bra and panty shopping. It's just annoying especially hanging up bras back on their little plastic hangers after nothing works out.

The way Peach works is that a stylist comes to you, takes your measurements and finds out your style and desired fit. The information is stored in the Peach database and you can forever shop from home by just going online. Peach offers personal stylists and shopping events, turning intimates shopping into a more enjoyable activity. Your purchases arrive in 3 days and you can easily replenish with the click of a keyboard by logging into your profile.

As far as the product, I like the softness of the panties and the shapes of the bra cups. If you're looking for day-to-day intimates, this is a definitely a brand to check out. You can also become a consultant yourself if you're looking for a job or additional income.

Swggr App literally launched the day of this event! It was exciting to hear about this influencer driven app that lets you share and essentially sell your closet to all your followers on social media. Are you an influencer, expert or celeb? If so, why not leverage your amazing wardrobe and accessories? Swggr is how to do it right from your phone!

The way it works is quite simply by showing your swag through the pics you've already uploaded on networks like instagram. Use Swggr's proprietary tool to extract clothing items and accessories from the background of your uploaded pics and add them to your "closet". Tell your followers about your closet and let them shop the pieces they can't live without. Swggr's a great app for fashion bloggers and stylists who post a new outfit every day. The more you influence, the more points you earn that are redeemable for high-end goods like Tatcha Skincare.

Shapeways is a 3D printing service and marketplace where you can literally make ANYTHING. For instance, the pieces of jewelry that you see above were made my users with Shapeways. Are you an inventor that needs a prototype? Or maybe you just have a vision for a creation that's too expensive to carve out on your own at home. Avoid investing in machines or tools and instead let Shapeways make it for you.

While I'm not a jewelry or mask designer, this brand was really cool to find out about because I'm constantly coming up with fitness product ideas. Shapeways could help me create a prototype that would allow me to get in front of investors with something tangible...not just a sketch.

Boomerang NYC is a dry cleaning and laundering service that picks up and transports by bike. No more running to the dry cleaners in a rush on your way home from work. I cute is their customized laundry bike? The company uses special Boomerang bags for pick-up and delivery that adjust to whether your clothes are dirty or dry cleaned and hanging. Personally, I like the charm of the service which is focused solely in Manhattan at the moment. But I told the founders that I could definitely see them being a hit on Shark Tank. Can't you?

Meredith Marks is both a fur and jewelry designer. Her fur hats are out of this world! If you don't wear fur, I apologize in advance. I love leather and fur, so what can I say? I'm a lost cause here. Which winter hat from above do you like best? I'm completely undecided but NEED one of them!

The Meredith Marks jewelry collection is what you crave when you're dressing up for a special occasion and want to shine. I'm crushing on the long silver strand collared necklace above. It's sleek and blingy without looking like you tried too hard. This piece will make your outfit and can turn something you've worn a million times into a whole new look.

Stylisted is an on-demand makeup service. Need beautification on the spot? Make an appointment for a Stylisted artist to come to you for hair and makeup. Check out their instagram here: @TheStylisted. Stylisted did a ton of shows and I even saw my own makeup artist in one of their instagram pics from a show they did together. I know there are a lot of makeup services out there but if you're in NYC, LA or Chicago, this might be another one to add to your shortlist.

Tressenoire offers up something new: curly haired girl problems SOLVED! For all you "naturalistas" out there, this is a service that might come in handy because these stylists REALLY KNOW how to work with your hair. While the girl pictured above does not have a curly 'do, I had to post this pic because this hair-creation is just TOO GOOD. Go to their website and 1) select a look from their Style Gallery that you love, 2) book an appointment and 3) prep your hair before your stylist arrives. It's really easy, and now you don't have to risk taking a chance on someone who might not understand your curl personality or texture. Because that's Tressenoire's specialty!

HANDL is in the business of smart phone handling versatility. The spider-lady I'm posing with above demonstrated how HANDL casing allows you to liberate your hands from actual gripping, and more comfortably hold your phone.

The design releases tension from your hand allowing you to capture the perfect selfie from several angles or more simply, just share your screen with friends. It's currently available for the iPhone 6 Plus and Samsung Note 4.

Kopi Trading Co. is a ready-to-drink cold brew coffee. Right now, cold brew is all the rage so it made sense to see a beverage like this at TechStyleNYC. I took one home with me and was amazed by how good it tasted. It's locally roasted and brewed (NY) but the beans are Indonesian. I'm really picky about coffee since my family back in Honduras is in the coffee business. I usually don't sing the praises of other coffees because of this, but Kopi's cold brew is very good and I love their stylish bottle. Next time you're in a fancy market or grocery, try it!

Brode is an electrolyte vitamin and hangover cure. Take it with your drink...any drink. Whether it's water, a cocktail or beer, Brode does it's job of replenishing you with vitamin B. It's meant to replace the need of an electrolyte packed sports drink that happens to be loaded with sugar (and other bad stuff). This is the healthier way to do it. Stuff them in your purse or gym bag. Your Sunday morning will thank you :)

So, those were my favorite brands from TechStyleNYC! And that's me, below, rushing to get to my next NYFW event, which I will recap in my next blog post :)

Tell me in the comments section which brands and services you loved most! If you're local to NYC, let me know so I can pass along a nice discount to Boomerang for your first dry clean experience with them.

TechStyleNYC event photos courtesy of TechStyleNYC and Snowdrop Photography.


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