Fitness Retailers Innovating To Meet Customer Needs

As a reader, you already know that the activewear market is booming. And all the competition amongst retailers means that companies have to innovative to thrive.  Translation? Today’s active gear is more stylish and inventive than ever before. These picks represent just how today’s companies are stepping up their games and creating one-of-a-kind items every fit gal will fall in love with.

Lululemon’s Patience Tank

Lululemon is a brand that many fit fashionistas love. The company is known for its high-quality and ultra-flattering clothing that’s beautiful. So it should come as no surprise that this tank dazzles. I loved how lululemon combined two other styles—the elegant back of the Free To Be bra with the deep V of the Deep Breath tank—to come up with the Patience Tank.

The straps hold it in place while you move and the V-cut gives this top an extra sexy touch. The back of the tank is made out of mesh so it breathes well. It’s also not sheer at all despite the material. All in all, this combination of old styles is one great tank that’s sure to find a place in active women’s closets everywhere. Nab yours now before it sells out.

Lucy’s Pocket Capri Legging

Sure, pockets aren’t exactly high technology. But these capris truly are innovative. I don’t know why activewear companies haven’t thought of building pockets into the side panels of capris, but I’m almost positive more will follow suit. The pockets hold everything in tight and are perfect for storing keys and music players while you walk or run. They provide more room than the average built-into-the-waistband pocket.

Best of all? The pockets don’t add bulk. Plus the vertical lines running down the sides are slimming. The capris themselves are made out of lucy’s signature non-sheer, thick material that will last for many workouts to come. High-quality clothing with a convenient feature? That’s a win-win for active women everywhere.

New Balance Ice Solid Tank
This ultra-flattering tank would probably be perfect for most workouts. And there are plenty of things to like about this tank. For starters, the open back design and scoop neck cut are ultra-flattering. Pair this with your cutest bra.  It also offers UV protection—perfect for active women who love to exercise outside.

The tank promises to keep you cool as you run, as it really does. It didn’t trap heat, leave sweat hanging around or hold onto odors. And the price tag on this one makes it an ideal option for anyone on a budget.

Athleta Breakthrough Laser Cut Capri

These capris just look great. They’re compressive, high-waisted, and I think most people will love the laser-cut details in the leg. These quarter-length capris kept me cool even in the sweltering summer heat—no small feat there.

The tag does come with a recommendation that you don’t put these on when you’re wearing jewelry so as not to snag the “holes” in the leggings—so mind the laser-cut calves. These are a tight fit, and I’d recommend sizing up if you’re in between sizes. My only real complaint about these is they’re not quite as stretchy as I normally like my activewear to be.

Shefit Sports Bra
I love this bra. I’ll admit it: I had my doubts about how the velcro would hold up during high-intensity workouts, but they vanished after a step class. This bra held me in and was comfortable to boot—not an easy combination to come across.

Now, it’s a little difficult to figure out how to put this bra on (the straps cross in the back and you have to adjust the elastic—see the diagram for more), but you’ll love it once it’s on.

The band that you’ll velcro on is perfect for busty ladies or active women who are losing weight since it can be adjusted. The plastic rings that hold the straps in place do squeak a bit, but that’s a small price to pay for this incredible bra.

Dear Kates Hazel Sport Thong

These panties are made out of a thick, highly absorbent material, but they don’t feel bulky—a quality I adored. And not only that, when you’re wearing Dear Kates, it feels like you’re wearing nothing at all. These panties are that comfortable. They’re absorbent, but will leave you feeling dry too.

They seem to trap odor a bit more than your average activewear panty, but it washes it out well. Active women everywhere should all consider adding these to their drawers. One quick note: If you’re in between sizes, I’d size up since these are a snug fit.

Mosquitno Band
If there's one thing every gal who exercises outside dreads (besides the buckets of sweat seeping out of your pores as you work out), it's mosquitoes. But since the only thing worse than dousing yourself with bug spray is the smell of that mixed with your sweat, and you usually just have to suck (ha!) it up. Until now. Mosquitno rubber wristbands are infused with all-natural citronella oil designed to keep the bugs at bays.

I wore one during an evening workout and did not endure a single bite—a rarity during D.C.'s summer months. The band also smells good—It's a light, fresh lemony scent. My only issue with that is the band does seem to trap some sweat. But at least it doesn't smell like chemicals. Store these in the re-sealable bags when they're not in use. The company says they'll last for 150 hours or as long as you can still smell the citronella.

Got an innovation to share with Mizzfit readers? Tell us about it in the comments section below. Thank you!


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