Followed: Priya Lawrence, NYC Nutritionist

Priya Lawrence has 2 full-time jobs. She's a NY state registered Dietitian Nutritionist and a loving mother to Raina, 4, and Trevor, 1. Can you imagine having 2 jobs that require all your attention, passion and love? It seems nearly impossible to me...but Priya does it...and manages to show up on time, twice a week, to the bootcamp class where I met her.

She's an outstandingly balanced health professional but says her workout never truly ends. Priya is constantly on the move for clients, and with her kids. I got a few snapshots of her juggling act as I FOLLOWED her on a routine neighborhood walk with Raina and Trevor through Madison Square Park.

"I run a growing nutrition private practice, Tried and True Nutrition, Inc. with my business partner, Pam. We focus on empowering our clients to make healthy food and lifestyle choices thru one-on-one sessions, corporate wellness programs and group education."

"As anyone with kids knows, my day starts early in the morning and is immediately hectic. Having two young kids automatically makes you physically active from the minute they wake you up til the minute they go to bed."

"My kids have very different personalities. Raina is extremely outgoing, independent, loves to entertain and talk to anyone who will listen basically."

"Trevor is quiet so far, easy going and laid back and while he won't talk too much, he will get what he wants with his smile."

"I'm not going to lie, its not always easy. I really do believe that it's my husband and my responsibility to be fit and healthy for our kids. We owe it to them to always be able to run around after them."

"I met my husband sitting next to him on an airplane. He actually had the last seat on standby so I was already settled in when he got on the plane at the last minute and sat next to me. The rest is history."

"I workout regularly and have finally come to place where I enjoy it. I like charting progress by being able to do more push ups than last week or carry my heavy son with a little more ease than last time. My workouts currently rotate between hot yoga, bootcamp and spin classes."

"Food was always interesting in our house because of the diversity in cultures. My dad is from India and my mom is Italian so meals were always full of flavor and variety."

"I can't take away the joys of summer for a I let my kids have Mister Softee every once in a while. But not my clients!"

"I'm a huge fan of farmers' markets. I go to the one in Union Square as often as I can. I love to walk around them a few times before I decide what I'm going to buy."

"Comfort is my absolute favorite part of fitness fashion. I have a hard time choosing to wear anything else! I can't be the mom who carts around her kids in heels! I actually can't really cart myself around in heels anyway!"

"I'm a bargain shopper when it comes to fitness fashion. I love to get great finds at places like TJ Maxx or Marshalls as not only is it a great price but I rarely see someone else wearing the same outfit as me. I was excited when I found Fabletics as its all new designs and the website picks out entire outfits that they think will go great together so that's easy on my end. I love the top I am wearing today and can't wait to wear it all summer."

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CLICK HERE for info on Tried & True Nutrition.

While followed, Priya wore a Sevan Sports Bra, Switch Back Tee and mesh-paneled capris from Fabletics along with a pair of RioSoul shoes in Azul.


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