Stairway to Fit


Themed bootcamps are all the rage in NYC, but that doesn't mean traditional bootcamps cease to exist. It means they step up their game like 360Fit's indoor bootcamp where you'll jog up and down a midtown building stairwell holding a weighted ball high above your head. Did I mention this building is 20 floors high?

360Fit Bootcamp isn't fancy or frilly. When you arrive, you'll wonder if you wrote down the right address. The space is small but don't worry, it works out to your benefit. Classes range from 6-10 people and you receive lots of personal attention from Shanna Farrar, your bootcamp leader and 360Fit founder. Shanna packs the hour-long class with cardio and strength training exercises, leaving no time to commisserate with your neighbor about the stair climb you're still panting from.

360Fit Bootcamp isn't a novelty--it's a back-to-basics circuit training program taught by a fitness professional who's more focused on results than conversation (that's a good...

Run for Haiti

What: 4-mile run and walk to benefit Haiti sponsored by NYRR and the New York City Department of Parks & Recreation. Live festival to follow with Haitian music and performances. Fruit and bagels will be distributed on site.
Where: Central Park, NYC
When: Feb. 20th, 9AM
How much: $40

More info and registration here


2 Ways to Ballet in NYC


Two dancers with two different approaches to ballet have something in common: a barre class that rocks.

Leila Fazel, a former ballet dancer (Dance Theater of Harlem) and co-founder of Aerospace High Performance Center in NYC, teaches a barre class called Aerobarre that's designed for non-dancers. Aerobarre is a cardio-based fusion of ballet and boxing set to house music. You'll perform barre moves at high repetitions using a body bar (long weighted bar) instead of the traditional ballet barre. Expect to throw punches one minute and plie jump the next. Just follow Leila's lead and make sure to go easy on the weights. I was a little ambitious and chose 5 lb dumbbells until Leila noticed and set me up with 2 pounders. When you're throwing jabs with weights in your hands, 2 pounds can easily feel like 10! Even though you're working with weights, there's a graceful flow to Aerobarre which Leila attributes to the similarities between ballet and boxing:

Both require...

A New Spin on Spinning


I'm not a die-hard spinner. I don't own cycling shoes or biking capris with padding built-in the rear. Simply put, I'm a girl who likes a challenging full body workout and that's exactly what I got when I took my first SoulCycle class. SoulCycle takes the concept of traditional spinning and completely shakes it up. It's a powerful workout that goes beyond alternating positions in and out of the saddle. You'll dance, twist out abdominals, lift weights and do a vinyasa on your bike (all while spinning). You'll tone more than just your legs, but I can guarantee they'll feel the burn. 

SoulCycle kickstarts with a killer pop music soundtrack and inspirational coaching by hard-bodied instructors who are celebrities in their own right. My favorite part of class is when spin master, Stacey Griffith, encourages you to make up your own move on the bike. She shouts over the music:

It doesn't matter what you look like. No one cares. 


Fall for Fitness this Valentine's Day in NYC


Will you be mine fit this Valentine's Day?

Check out these VDAY-inspired fitness activities happening in NYC...


FLEX APPEAL - Friday, February 12 @ 4pm

A speed dating 60 min yoga class/workout

Location: Crunch Gym @ 404 Lafayette St.

Free and open to the public. Giveways and drink tickets included.


LOVE CUBED - Sunday, February 14 @ 12pm

A 5K run along the Hudson River Park to benefit the American Cancer Society

Location: 42 W. 14th St.

Hosted by JackRabbit & Save the Date(ing). Run followed by an open bar mixer from 1pm-3pm Expect food, drinks and discounts on JR merch.

Sign up now because supposedly spots are limited.

UPDATE: Registration for ladies currently SOLD OUT and currently only open to men. Doesn't mean we (ladies) can't crash it.


JACKRABBIT FUN RUN - Sunday, February 14 @ 9am

Run in and around Central Park with Team In Training

Location: Lexington between 84th &...


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