Tone It Up Girls Care More About Being Normal Than Being On TV; Will Always Have Their Blog.

Normal or Not?

Before I met them, I'd never guess that Karena and Katrina from Tone It Up would be anything close to normal. For crying out loud (as my Grandma would say), they're beach babes! They probably walk down the street with an entourage of hecklers and panty-shot prone photographers. Could these girls, featured in countless magazines and known online globally as the Tone It Up Girls, really be normal?

That's what I wanted to find out because word on the fitness scene was that Bravo had been scouting them for a show. Luckily, I got to meet and hang with Karena and Katrina over the summer and find out more about their journey, including how they found each other and where they're going next. I interviewed them on the red carpet at Pedal On The Pier in Santa Monica...

...and then spent a weekend with them as part of Oakley Women's Perform Beautifully experience in Napa Valley, California.

Being in the fitness world (which can be as caddy and...

Workout Gear You'll Love with the Equipment You Need to Exercise Built In


Burnin' calories on TV and all I did was stand there.

Morning show host, Virginia Kerr is my HERO! She made my latest fitness fashion segment on the Great Day St. Louis show a breeze. They say laughter burns calories. I must've burned a couple hundred just standing there when she put on the Halo Sport headband. I cherish women like Virginia who get so excited about fitness trends they just can't wait to get their hands on it...or heads into it!

Let's dive deeper into the fitness gems you watched in the video (for more info and irresistible discounts). I know you can't tell from the pic below, but I was so excited to the point of shaking to present these on TV to you! That's what you call a true fitness junkie.


    *** Stylish workout gear with BUILT-IN fitness equipment ***

W8FIT Apparel is a line of weighted workout clothes designed specifically for women by superstar Maya Kaminsky. There are pockets in the racerback...

I'm on Pinterest! Let's Pin Stuff Together. But NOT on Donkeys! See Why...

I'm better on some social media platforms than others. Like right now, I'm rockin' Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. But I've sworn a solemn oath to make more time for Pinterest. So help me out by becoming a follower and I'll follow you back! Let's be pin-pals.

     ** This is where I live on Pinterest **

Please check out my boards and leave a comment on the pins you like.

Here's why I don't pin things (tails, etc) on donkeys:

BECAUSE I HEART DONKEYS! Look at this face...

Donkeys are the sweetest animals. Some of you might already know this but I'm a huge animal lover and animal rights person. What significance does this bear on Pinterest? Well, I'm a softy for cute animal boards. And I really like puggles (I have 2; Shory & Leroy). So, if you've got animal boards for me to babytalk to, by all means, let me know!

Hopefully you'll enjoy my fitness fashion boards on Pinterest. Expect to see lots of fitness couture, transitional...

I Dissed Norma Kamali's Outfit on Facebook and Learned a Valuable Lesson

So here's what went down...

I saw a picture of Norma Kamali sporting a fitness getup from her collection for Opening Ceremony that I wasn't digging.

I made a comment about it on the MizzFIT Facebook page. Lo and behold, the next day there's an email from her in my inbox. Ahhh, F*@K me! It took me a solid hour to bolster up the courage to open up it. Was she pissed? Would she blackball me from all her stores? Would she summon her fashionista squad to stone me to death...or worse, ban me from wearing her clothes?

I finally opened it (with my eyes closed).

In her email, Norma acknowledged my comments about the functionality of her garb, but backed it up by saying that she designs for the modern woman who likes to express herself in creative, comfortable and cost effective ways. She said she's proud of her designs and wanted me to look at her transitional fitness apparel in a different way...keeping in mind her mission.

Norma had me at "hello, I'm taking the...

Elizabeth Banks Divulges on Fitness and Working Out with Hubby

Today, at the NYC screening of the film People Like Us in which she stars, Elizabeth Banks answered my question about how fitness "fits" into her life. This was her response...

I always feel better after I work out. It takes my brain to a very clear place. Also, my husband and I do it together...its great for our relationship. I have a very beautiful, hot trainer. She comes to my house and trains me and my husband, and when I'm not there he still gets to have her come over. He's just winning winning winning!

Sounds like Mr. Banks has it pretty good sweating it up with Elizabeth AND their hottie trainer!!!

This screening was hosted by TheMoms, 2 of my gorge friends and mommy-media stars. It was very cool to get to hear Elizabeth speak about the film and her real life role as a mom.

Here's some great insight into Elizabeth Banks and why she's so f-ing cool (based on what I heard and witnessed today):

She married her highschool sweetheart.


How to Stylishly Prep for an Amazing Race (from 5K to Marathon)


Why I made this race tips video

I made the video you see above the night before my half marathon on March 14th, 2012 and posted it to YouTube. If you've never been to my channel--Fashionably Fit with MizzFIT--please mosey on over and subscribe! I made this video to encourage you to take the time to Style Up 2 Shape Up because when you do, you have way more fun. I promise.


The morning of the race, the paparazzi just wouldn't stop following me (wink wink)

But I didn't mind since I loved what I was wearing and felt stronger and more prepared than ever to run an amazing race. The start line was in Central Park with a finish in downtown Manhattan's South Street Seaport.


In my video, I talk a lot. Here's the quickie version of what I wore and why:

Lorna Jane Sky Singlet & Run Short - Both pieces are comfortable, non-chafing, quick drying and stylish. I especially love the sheerness and silvery fabric of the Sky...


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