The Genie Watch by NIxon - Ask Away!

Should you work out today? Just ask the Genie Watch by NIxon ($120). It's a sport watch and magic 8 ball in one! Time your sprints or press the genie button to find out a yes/no answer to your biggest questions in life. By the way, you should absolutely work out today so I'm expecting you to come up with better questions than that! Aside from changing your life, this watch is aesthetically pleasing and has a sweat resistant silicone band. The Genie comes in 3 colors but my favorite is the army green.

The New Saucony Hattori is a Total Lightweight

Saucony's spanking new Hattori sneaker ($80) is their lightest shoe yet (3.8oz). It wears like a mitten to give your toes room to do what they naturally want to do, like arching and gripping. The Hattori sole is designed for impact cushioning but I'm mostly sold on the futuristic design. These running shoes will definitely earn you lots of double-takes on the run path.

Turn Your Ipod Nano into a Watch with Loop Nano

This silicone watchband turns your Nano 6g into a trendy time-telling device. The Loop Nano ($19.99) lets you wear your square friend as a fitness fashion accessory to the gym. Access your favorite fitness apps for workout tips or time your sprints around the track. The Loop Nano is sweat resistant, comfortable and it keeps your Ipod Nano very secure and within eyesight.

A Fitness Boombox That You Can Take Anywhere

The Eco Terra is the new age fitness boombox made for outdoor excursions and adventures. It plays all major smart phones and portable music players. Take it to group workout sessions in the park or even something more extreme, because if you get lost in the dark it also functions as a flashlight. The Eco Terra is waterproof and will charge your smart phone. What doesn't it do?


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