Fitness Festival Bags for Healthy Shoulders

The wrong bag quickly becomes an unwearable burden at a festival where you have to move around a lot. Ditch your pinch-a-nerve-purse for Lululemon's Festival Bag ($68) or Run From Work Backpack ($98). These bags are made to carry your outdoor summer festival essentials without stressing out your shoulders.

Designed with water-resistant polyester fabric, both bags can endure mud, sweat and unpredictable festival weather to protect your valuables. They feature mesh pockets to stash your iPhone, wallet, anti-bacterial wipes, sunscreen, cold pressed juice, goji berries and more! The Run From Work Backpack has a pouch for dirty clothes or what have you (maybe a comfy pair of flip flops for later?). It's lightweight with a contoured shape that's comfortable against your back and doesn't bounce up and down when you do.

Spinning Goes for a Swim!

Imagine a spin studio where classes are held in a pool. Now open your eyes because Aqua Spinning has arrived!

I recently checked out Aqua Studio NY where I had fun pedaling my heart out against the resistance of water. It's quite an experience because you learn moves you’d never be able to do on a regular spin bike!

Get ready to work your legs, arms and core. Throw on your favorite sporty bikini and don't forget to score a wax beforehand!

A HOLE NEW LOOK: Roxy Laser Cut Swimwear

Normally, holes in your clothing are a bad thing. But the laser cut trend is a high-end pattern of holes, nothing like an accidental rip. You’ll see it in Roxy Swimwear’s summer line (out July 2013). From bikinis to board shorts, intricate cut out designs add a delicate, feminine twist to their typical sporty look.

These pieces ($36-$54) are crafted with laser-cutting machines that seal the fabric to prevent fraying and ripping so the holes will keep their shape. Best of all, they’re light and airy to keep you looking and feeling cool during the warm months ahead. It’s a grown-up game of peek-a-boo that will have you commanding attention on both the beach and the boardwalk.

Have A Ball With This Fit Desk Chair

Is your desk chair a fit chair? Probably not. But the Zenergy Ball Chair IS. This space age looking stool is actually a 17 ½ inch anti-burst exercise ball surrounded by a mesh covering designed to improve both your fitness and productivity. When you sit down it forces you to engage your whole body, improving balance, posture and those hard-to-reach core muscles. Your mental focus increases too! Not bad for a $160 investment.

Need more or less bounce? Just use the built-in pump to inflate the ball to your degree of difficulty and comfort. It’s time to break away from stagnant sitting and zip up your core!

Golden Golf Booties

Ecco's NEW Life Street Booties ($180) will take your fashion game to the next level because everyone will be staring at your feet. These golf shoes sparkle beautifully in the sun. They have a glittery, metallic finish in an overall neutral shade that goes with anything. The Life Street Booties are wearable on and off the course, and could be mistaken for a luxury hi-top sneaker.

They're designed with 100 TPU traction bars that are barely noticeable and they're made to hold up through rain and heat. A perfect fit for the golf fashionista who strays from the conservative. They also come in white but we're loving the gold-tan color combo best!

Sweet Cravings Inspire Sportswear & Surfwear

Satisfy your sweet cravings with dessert-inspired color schemes on sportswear. It sounds crazy but it makes sense especially since spring fashion 2013 is all about pastels and soft color blends. If you're hell bent on cutting out desserts (haven't we all tried this?) try wearing them instead.

Roxy surf wear will be releasing the wetsuit you see above, which reminded me of Neapolitan ice cream--one of my favorite indulgences. I'm forecasting more flavor-colors in fitness fashion that will coast us into summer, like sliced watermelon with seeds, mint ice cream sandwiches, swirled orange sherbert and strawberry shortcake.

What dessert would you most like to see in sportswear? Retweet this Fit Trend with your answer to win a fit prize (to @mizzfit_bianca).


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