Couture Weight Training Gloves with Frills

Who said weight training gloves have to look like weight training gloves? Not BodyRock Sport because the fitness-fashion brand is now selling some of the edgiest fitness gloves ($50-$60) we've ever seen!

The benefits of wearing fit-gloves are great. They protect your hands from injury, bruising, chafing and drying out against rough surfaces in fitness environments. Gloves also shield your precious digits from bacteria easily spread through shared equipment. The gym is a fantastic place, just not one you want to take a microscope to. Our favorite BRS glove is The Robin. What's yours?

City-Scape Sportswear by Lucas Hugh

You don't have to live in NYC or London to enjoy a sparkly evening skyline. Just throw on some Lucas Hugh! This uber chic sportswear collection is meant to be worn both as street clothes and workout wear. The experimental prints and fabrics are unconventional to fitness making the collection a standout option for the gym. My favorite pieces are the full length tights with a high waistline. They suck your belly in and look cute as hell with an over-sized sweater and some knee-high boots.

The Smartest Scale on Earth by Fitbit

I'm not going to lie. I hate scales and the whole weighing-in process. But Fitbit's NEW Aria Scale ($129.95) trumps all scales because not only does it recognize you and every person in your household from each other, but it taps into your home's Wi-Fi to upload and graph your progress...or perhaps your downward spiral, like mine after Thanksgiving.

The Aria sends your info including your body fat % to your personal account on which you can log into without anyone knowing your business. There's also a free iphone app in case you want to obsess over how much weight you lost for the New Year. Because that's one of your resolutions, right?

Jewel Studded SweatShirts are Hot! (from J.Crew to Stella McCartney for adidas)

Calling all Bedazzlers! Jewel studded sweatshirts are all the rage. Buy one from J.Crew, Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Stella McCartney for adidas, or better yet...MAKE YOUR OWN! Studded pullover sweatshirts are the newest way to dress up your fit look and transition to a post-fitness scene. Shoot for a sweatshirt that's athletic gray and feels worn-in already, because these sweatshirts are dry clean only.

NatureBox is the New Guilt-Free Cookie Jar

NatureBox is changing the face of snacking by showing up at your door once a month filled with nutritious, protein-rich treats that you don't have to feel guilty about. There's even an element of surprise because the nutritionists who curate the boxes don't want you to get bored, so every month they change things up.

It's the perfect gift for fitness foodies (who turn their noses at energy bars) and the best way to clean up a junk-food lover's act. The only downside is you might fall in love with snacks you'll never see again, like the cinnamon coated almonds that still make my stomach growl every time I think of them. NatureBox comes in subscriptions of 3, 6, and 12 months starting at $60 for 3 months.


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