Roux Maison Detergent Lets Your Activewear Recover Too

You wear your body out enough during your workouts. No need for your detergent to do that to your clothes. The next time you go to wash your favorite sports bra or sport bikini, use Roux Maison’s detergent and I promise you’ll see a difference!

Here’s why: other detergents leave a harsh chemical residue that breaks down the fabric in activewear, stretching out elastic, and causing colors to fade. Roux Maison Sport and Swimwear detergent ($13.75 - $16.99) is different because it’s eco-friendly, all-natural, and uses only 100% pure oils to keep your clothes smelling fresh. Now that’s what I call endurance!!!

Diane Von Furstenberg & Roxy Collaborate on Swim/Surfwear

I love when fashionistas and surfers teams up! The DVF Loves Roxy swim line ($30 - $80) is the perfect marriage of sporty chic and bold prints. This genius collaboration features DVF’s playful prints and beachy details splashed all over a range of silhouettes and accessories that, in the words of DVF herself, “empower women to go for it and ride the wave.”

From extra-roomy beach bags to board shorts, rash guards, bikinis, and cover-ups, this line is perfect for anyone who likes their daily dose of Vitamin D. The iconic prints and feminine flair of DVF’s label add designer finesse to Roxy’s board-culture inspired pieces. And with an affordable price range, you’ll be ready to dive into summer ASAP…never mind the fact that it’s still snowing in March.

A MUST HAVE Muscle Therapy Cold Roller

That's not a dumbbell. It's a Trigger Point Performance Cold Roller ($87) designed to help you treat muscle soreness and tightness. It's an ice bath and foam roller in 1 sleek instrument (made of stainless steel with a gel core). Just pop the cold roller in the freezer before your next long run (or crossfit class or kick-in-the-arse bootcamp session...whatever workout "tears you up") and it will be ready for a-rollin’ when you return.

The gel core on the roller delivers cold compression to your muscles as you experience a myofascial release from rolling them out slowly with pressure. No need to sit in a freezing tub of ice or suffer through the annoyance of leaking ice-baggies. Instead, let this cold roller inspire you to do more with your freezer, like make healthy popsicles! Considering the pain you're in, you could use a treat!

This is a great injury prevention and recovery tool for extreme sport enthusiasts like marathoners and triathletes!!! Pricey but you won't be sorry.

An Alluring Snow Helmet

Is it just me or does anyone else tend to feel like an astronaut, an extra in Katy Perry’s Extra Terrestrial video, or like John Travolta in Bubble Boy whenever they wear a helmet? Not exactly tres MizzFIT chic.

Invented by Smith Optics, the Allure Women’s Snow Helmet ($70-$100) is more than just a safety feature, but a fashion statement, too. Smith replaces the bulk of traditional helmets with an uber sleek design that comes in an array of colors to match even your most ridiculously patterned snow pants.

The helmet features a plush faux fur lining to keep you feeling toasty and an optional Smith/Skullcandy audio system for your iPod! All of this packed into only 11.5 ounces…now who says you can’t look hot when the weather is not?

Fitness Leggings That Show Off Bones & Muscles

I spotted a Nike publicists (top left pic) sporting Nike's "Xray Bone" Dri-FIT Tights during NYC Fashion Week. They're too hot to handle which must be why they were made Limited Edition! Nike designed these leggings to withstand the harshest of workouts while winning the favor of the most discerning of fashion critics. Mission accomplished because they're SOLD OUT. Never fear, Black Milk Clothing makes a legging that's similar for fit-fashion lovers in both a muscle and bone print. Get yours to start flashing your insides while you sweat!

Resolutions Are Pointless Without Glue. Stick To 'Em With My Favorite Fit Trends for 2013!

Would your New Year resolutions from years past smack you for betraying them? Mine would. It's easier said than done to say you're going to make major changes in your life. This year I'm redeeming myself with my favorite Fit Trends for 2013. The best way to stick to your resolutions is to find the best glue. So let's get sticky! Check out these trends and TRY ONE!

Resolutions I've Failed

Oh man, I'm embarrassed to even start this list but here goes...

Get to bed earlier. Sleep 6-7 hours a night. (I don't think I ever got more than 4-5 in 2012)

Learn to forgive more. (This is hard esp when you've been really hurt! I tend to hold grudges.)

Eat healthier than ever. Use my new magic bullet. (Yeah, that thing never came out of the box.)

Make sure to find 20-30 minutes to workout on busy days when my normal intense workouts aren't an option. (...nope)

Squash my fears about not measuring up to the lifestyle my friends and family have (y'know, the...


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