Like to hold your phone when you run? Then get in the Loop with the Mummy for iPhone!

I'm obsessed with my Loop Mummy ($25) because not only is it the coolest iPhone case I've ever owned, but it's made for fitness people who like to keep their iPhone handy (meaning: on them at all times). If you like to power walk or run with your iPhone, the Mummy's no-slip-grip is for you. It even holds cash & credit cards. Comes in both girl and boy colors!

Build A Bike...Yourself!

Why Build-A-Bear when you could build your own "Fixie"? With a Fixie, you're in charge of picking it's parts and assembling it. Sounds tough but it's really quite fun & creative. Customize your Fixie's color scheme--wheels, grips, saddles, you name it! At MizzFIT, we think getting a Fixie is a way better option than parking your butt in a car/subway/train. Just sayin'... ($325 w/ free shipping)

Zippered High Fashion Swimsuits for Water-Sport

Lisa Marie Fernandez's 2012 swim line is beyond HOT, proving "zipped up" can be even more intriguing than zipped down. The Surf-girl Maillot, Baywatch inspired 1-piece and Scuba-style Tankini are all irresistibly sexy and yet still so sporty. The swimsuits are money, literally ($275 and up). But if you're gonna drop some dough, ZIPPERED is definitely the chic way to go!

Safety in Sequins

Biking can be dangerous, especially in urban areas (ahem, NYC) where people (ahem, cab drivers) drive like psychos. But as much as you want to dress with safety in mind, you don't want to be a eye-sore. The Vespert bike vest ($138) from Vespertine helps solve that problem! It's flashy in a "major" Fashion Week kind of way. Covered in Hologram silver sequins, The Vespert has a loose fit that's slimming and easily slipped over a t-shirt. And you better believe those sequins reflect light! Anyone who runs you over in this vest is either blind or wants to steal it. I just bought my very own Vespert from designer Sarah Canner and can't wait to cruise around in it!

Long Warm-Up Jacket from GIVE Apparel Meaning

My new GIVE Apparel Meaning Jacket ($100) was an unexpected find because it's tailored, warm and travel-friendly. I love the collar and thumb-holes which give it a look that's both sporty and transitional. I wore it to the airport for Mexico where I'm vacationing now, and it's come in handy for windy beach walks. It's quite the seasonal piece which I know I'll also wear in the NYC cold. Definitely a great holiday purchase for a fit lady of any age!


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