Groundbreaking Fit Trends You Need to Try!

The world of fitness is changing! Sportswear, gear, gadgets, food and fit services are more forward-thinking and edgy than ever. I've been testing a few that I'm crushing on which I'll share with you, as well as give you a sneak peek at some extremely functional pieces coming out from Asics. The theme that binds all these trends is Ease of Use. I was surprised as I'm typically a skeptic about adding too many elements to my routine. I don't have time for inventions that steal valuable calorie burning minutes away from my workout. But I'm seriously impressed by how the following trends can raise your engagement without sidetracking you.


   Let's start with BURN THIS.


This is a free app that turns your workout into a social experience. It's available to people living in major cities like NYC, LA, CHI, MIA, and more. Download it to your iPhone, then look up all those studio classes you usually book on Mindbody from the studios you...

Sporty Trendzz from Mizzfit and Under Armour

Alo! It's been a crazy week of press previews and testing new fitness products. My body is totally TGIF-ing from both work and daily killer workouts. But every Friday has to end with something good and I've got exciting news about upcoming trendzz I want to share with you.

By now you must know I have a BOX with Quarterly Co. If not, WHERE HAVE YOU BEEN? My Style Up 2 Shape Up Box is one of my most favorite projects and collaborations EVER! The best part is being able to share fit trends with you and get your feedback. Check out my latest "unboxing" video for #MIZ02 above. You've got plenty of time to sign up for the next box which comes out in May and features lots of restorative and beauty goodies for your hard-worked body.

Subscription boxes can be a hard sell for people who don't like surprises--I get it. But THESE VIDEOS will give you a reassuring peek into past boxes. Got questions about my SU2SU Box? The comments section is the place to ask them.


Followed: LES Mom & Radio Flyer Baby

Melissa Jane King let me follow her around Thompkins Square in her Lower East Side (LES) 'hood of New York City for the very first of my "Followed" posts. Isn't that what we do...follow the style cues of women brave enough to create and flaunt them?

I'm inspired by people who make my job of Fitness Trend Reporting less predictable, especially those who practice fitness fashion on local streets and rural paths in ways not always defined by conventional fitness. You'll be seeing more of that here on because I want you to see people creating trends at their inception, not just wearing them after-the-fact.

Thanks to Melissa Jane King and baby Olive for being my first!

"I’m not sure I am fit…I’m naturally thin so perhaps this gives me the appearance of being fit. After Olive was born I began ‘Belly-Back’ exercises. They’re awesome because you can do them anywhere – it got my stomach and waist back in shape after a few weeks. In terms of...

Springtime for Gym-time Trends

As you already know, fitness fashion can easily take you from studio to street...and these days fitness fashion totally chases what’s on the runways making it easier to seamlessly rock your workout look multiple ways. Last year we saw a lot of peplum. The designers for AEO Performance from American Eagle Outfitters took this ladylike style and used moisture-wicking material to make it perfect for workout and hangout. Pictured below is the AEO Performance Peplum T-Shirt:

This spring, fitness fashion is echoing some of the hottest trends and translating them into workout looks that will inspire you to make the gym your catwalk.

Here are 5 Springtime Fitness Fashion Trends for all you fearless groundhogs out there!


CT's are making a major comeback this spring and summer. They started cropping up last summer but now you are going to see this midriff showing style everywhere...even at the gym. Under Armour is really doing an awesome job making this...

New Website! New Fitness Trends to Fawn Over! Got A Makeover! Didja notice? I hope so because I'm quite liking my new web design, branding and inter-"face". Through the years (5!), I've grown up and so has It was time to expose our tree rings with an upgrade. I still can't believe I designed the old site all by myself because this new site was the result of many minds coming together. I'm so grateful for all the help from my team and from YOU--my readers! It was a blast getting to see many of your faces at my Big Relaunch Party in NYC (click for pics). Such a fun night! I was naughty and had a few drinks. "When in Relaunch..."

Mizz is Back to Biz! Now that the new site is up and running, it's back to business as usual...and lots of working out, of course. I'm excited to tell you about 2 activewear pieces that gave my fitness wardrobe a functional makeover. They're perfect for lunging you into the New Year (right through the doors of your gym). Everyone needs a little push on Jan 1st and...

Hey Runners! KLINGG Holds Your "Buds" Tight.

I pretty much detest all magnets especially the fridge poetry variety but KLINGG has won me over. It's a sportswear grip magnet made for gym-goers, runners, cyclers and skaters to secure earbuds from fallout and earphone wires from becoming a nuisance.

I needed a KLINGG badly as I have a favorite pair of earbuds that fit perfectly in my ears but have wires that are rather long, tangle up and then smack me in the neck during my runs. It drives me insane but my new KLINGG ($19.95) is now taking care of the problem.

No joke, it's a strong magnet and stays put through high-impact fitness. If you take your buds out, just stick them to the sides of the KLINGG. They magnetize too! The KLINGG's hold on your earphone wires makes for a seamless fit look and smooth workout without interruption to your playlist. It comes in great colors for both men and women and I can't endorse this little genius device enough! I'm training with it for my 2013 marathon!


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