Passion Box Revealed!

Unboxing My Quarterly Box #MIZ04

Having fire-ry passion is responsible for all of my success. That's why PASSION was the theme of my 4th Quarterly box. Don't get me wrong, I'm not calling myself Steve Jobs here, but I do take pride in my accomplishments.

For example, I created a business and brand back in 2009 out of nothing but a love for fitness.  Nearly 6 years later, I'm happily making a living out of that business...and to think it all grew out of the small passion seed I planted is pretty cool. I want everyone to experience this because being passionate about your chosen path is thrilling.

But it can also be confusing. I'm an Ivy school graduate but I sure as hell didn't go to business school and didn't know a thing about running a biz until I tried to teach myself...or ended up learning by trial and error. Doh!

Finding your passion and acting on it are 2 of the greatest challenges in life. You'll shed blood, sweat and tears doing it. The sweating part is KEY in my opinion because that's how I did it! The more I exercised, the more things made sense to me and became tangible. Fitness helped me work out my passion and get the ball rolling instead of waiting around for my dreams to find me.

So about that passion box... It's part of my Style Up 2 Shape Up Quarterly box offering, and was based off the idea that in order to see your passion grow, you need to work it out. You know the movie Field of Dreams. Ahem, "If you build it, they will come" (famous line from the movie). Whether you like baseball or not, that kind of thinking gets you somewhere. Inside the #MIZ04 Passion Box are tools to help you start building and acting on your passions in life, especially if they're career oriented.

You've gotta love your job otherwise burnout is imminent. And that's no good. Watch the video I made for you where I unbox the Passion Box. It's at the top of this article. Or HERE if you're lazy to scroll up, LOL.

I have so much fun designing my Quarterly boxes because I want them to be gifts that light up your life. That might sound totally cheese, but we all need inspiration and a kick in the butt sometimes. This is how I share my pearls of wisdom with you and everything that's helped to elevate my personal health, lifestyle and business.

So how does lip gloss fit into that picture? Well, I believe that a little bit of glam and gloss goes a long way to make your workouts sexier, beautiful and empowering.  I test everything that goes inside my Quarterly boxes and Flickable's non-sticky lip gloss pops were a big winner for me. If you want more, you can use checkout code Mizzfit or BiancaJade for 10% off at Flickable.

If you're a regular exerciser or new to the game, soreness will eventually get ya. I've never found a moisturizer that actually worked to temper the pain until I tried Mio Skincare's Workout Wonder. The whole line is incredible and was designed specifically for active women. Gotta love that.

Mantras and quotivations are part of my every day life. I need a good quote or a positive thought to keep me on the up 'n up. Train Hard Design's name plate necklace spoke to me because it's the kind of positive thinking that you can wear and it's an easy accessory for fitness. A perfect fit for the Passion Box.

I could go on and on about all the things I put inside #MIZ04 but that's why I made the video (all the way above) for you to watch. I also made another video with 3 tips for you to consider as you work out your passion. It's a short video, I PROMISE! These 3 tips have seriously kept me on point over the course of 6 years. Just click the image below to watch it!

If you're not currently subscribed to my Quarterly box, there's still time to SIGN UP for the next one. I make a new one every 3 months and each one has a different theme. The next box which ships out in November (literally in just a few weeks!) revolves around ENDURANCE and I'm super excited about it because it's full of stuff that will help you work out longer and stronger. I'll start dropping hints and spoilers next week on my social media be sure to follow me on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter :)

Lastly, I just want to say THANK YOU to all my subscribers for going on this Style Up 2 Shape Up journey with me. The picture above is a collage of some of the pics you guys have sent me. Makes me feel so special. In Spanish we say muchisimas gracias and te lo agradezco. For some reason saying it in Spanish feels more intimate to me...but I just wanted to let you know your sign-ups, emails, comments and posts mean the world to me!

xoxo, Bianca Jade


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