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How to Pick a Healthy Gift

Hey guys! Last weekend I was in Saint Louis, Missouri for Father's Day and I had to figure out what to give the man who gives me everything. I always give healthy presents, so I thought I'd share some tips to guide you when shopping for a healthy gift yourself. But first, meet my dad! Philip, my dad, is a classic car connoisseur. He has an impressive collection of Jaguars and he's also a world reknown expert on them. He's been in tons of magazines and on TV news about cars and restoration. I pretty much grew up with the SS Saloon Type 1939 Jaguar that you see in the pic above. And just to prove it, let's rewind to 1984... My dad took me for a ride in the SS-39 to grab a green juice while I was in town. As you can imagine, a guy who collects classic cars has expensive taste in "toys". Since I cannot afford to buy him a new Jaguar (yet), I defer to functional gifts in my price range that inspire him to be healthy. My dad works in finance, which is very...

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